General Provisions

alRojo has been established as international level festival of spanish culture.

The Festival committee invites you to plunge into Spanish culture


The festival has been established by alRojo festival Committee and founded by Bolero co.

Lets help geting new art contacts and unite artists of all kind of spanish culture trend.


The only aim for alRojo is to disseminate spanish cultural heritage in all its diversity


The alRojo Jury unites only spanish artist and culture personalities.
Content of the Jury will be named as soon as commitee get the first application form from a potential participant. The Jury has a right to nominate, hand over diplomas and aword a gran-pri. The
prize issue is going to be described in a appropriate page.


#1: spanish culture promotion
#2: the best stage for every dancer
#3: "weights & measures" system for flamenco society


alRojo has been establish under support and withe approval of International Spanish Dance Association (SDA) and La Escuela de Flamenco de Andalucía (EFA), which have determinant weight in spanish dance, music and vocal world. The majority of dance teachers and dancers has a degree or are the members of above organization. That's true for Spain and all over the world.

Menkes and Adelante companies.


Every dancer or dance school/studio etc. has right to participate in alRojo going through PRE-selection stage first.

APPLY and pay upto 01 Oct !

Artists coming will took part in festival program, compete for a "heart" of the juri and spectators and try to get gran-prix.

alRojo accepts application forms from individuals and groups of artists from any part of the globe where spanish culture lives.

Invitation letters could be found below.

Age limitation set - 6 yo, male or female.

Participant could be individual or a group upto 15 (15 is OK) + one teacher/manager.

If a participant comes with relatives, friends or wife/husband/child it is not prohibited.

Price issue is the last below.


*The first step for every future participant is to go trough a PRE-SELECTion stage. The stage activity is provided by the Festival committee by expert selection of electronicaly recieved Artists' (solo or group) applications. All the requirements are put in an appropriate page. The stage is intended to compare equal artists and to have good total level of performance corresponds the aim and the name alRojo Festival.

*One day before the "main" - after the arrival of all the participants, during the first festival meeting a PRE-STAGE step will devide and position each artist in a time line of a Festival day. Resulting sequence list will be given to each participant, put in hotel lobby and back stage.

*The Festival DAY starts 3 NOV with artists pre-run on Olympia Palace stage (for them to be acquainted with dimensions and surroundings).

Files to download : HQ resolution